Abigail Addison is Director of production company Animate Projects. She produces projects with a range of partners including Channel 4, Wellcome Trust and Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and works with artists, animators and filmmakers including boredomresearch, Atsushi Wada and Roz Mortimer. She also curates and presents film programmes, and produces and chairs panel discussions.

Alongside this Abigail works as a freelance producer, and has produced projects for cultural organisations including CAMP Films, Underwire Festival, Creative Skillset, Lupus Films, The Bureau, Forma Arts, and University of Iowa Museum of Art. In addition she develops and produces projects with individual artists and filmmakers including Juan delGado, Richard Squires and Chris Shepherd.

Abigail is a Trustee of film and photography charity Four Corners, and an Advisor to Underwire Festival.


“Hawksmoor raising symbols, statuary from the Mind’s Lost Continent, to set atop this church, St. Johns… As true as any Bard he spoke his soul, in syllables of stone reverberating down the centuries.” From Hell, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell