I’m thrilled to have curated a film programme for the University of Iowa’s Exuberant Politics season. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood it screens on Tuesday 3 December at 8pm at the University’s Pappajohn Business Building.

God’s special envoys highlights the horrors of conflict in a collective call to peace. Presenting images of the people on the frontline fighting other people’s wars, and those who rise up and refuse to conform to state control.

Running order:
Bradley Manning Had Secrets, Adam Butcher, 2011, 5’30”
Join the Freedom Force, Martha Colburn, 2011, 4’03”
Sounding Glass, Sylvia Schedelbauer, 2011, 10’00”
Free Society, Paul Garrin, 1988, 4’04”
I’ve got a guy running, Jonathan Kirk, 2006, 7’12”
Freedom, Eva and Franco Mattes, 2010, 9’00”
Spin, Max Hattler, 2010, 3’56”
A Short Film about War, Thomson & Craighead, 2009, 9’38”
Z, Alan Warburton, 2012, 3’00”
The Invisibles, Nisha Duggal, 2012, 3’54”

After the screening in Iowa I will share the programme on this site as an online exhibition.