Having see some incredible shorts at Underwire Festival over the past few days, and spoken with some ambitious and intelligent women about their work, I thought I would just mention a few of the films that made me feel proud of the work being produced by talented females in the UK. Look out for these ladies at future film festivals…

Bear Trap – South African storyteller Ceara McEvoy wrote, directed and produced this whimsical short looks at attraction and obsession in the midst of some fantastical settings. A deserved winner of the Under 25s category at Underwire.


There’s A Tin Cup Rolling – A film by London-based filmmaker Oonagh Kearney, this reflective piece looks at chance encounters in East London. As a commission for Floating Cinema it nicely weaves the Regent’s Canal into the story.

Katya & The Scarlet Sails – Written and directed by Vika Evdokimenko, and edited by Hoping Chen (who was nominated in the Best Editor Competition), the film looks at the fantasy and reality of love of a young woman whose romantic notions are inspired by the Soviet 60s film, Scarlet Sails.

The German Who Came To Tea – Kerry Kolbe made this charming film that reveals the memories of Annie Day, who at 100 reminisces about an enduring friendship with a German Prisoner of War. It’s a heart warming tale told by a woman whose eyes still shine brightly at the memory of sharing fish and chips with a new friend.

The Trip – Prano Bailey-Bond won the and won the Best Director Award at Underwire for this short, originally made for Unchosen – Film Campaigns Against Human Trafficking. Based on the real case study of a young Vietnamese man trafficked to the UK, it’s a harrowing and moving piece of work. Prano also made this spooky little music video a few years ago.

And if you missed Underwire this year look out for future celebratory screenings and insightful events at the website.