The Miners’ Hymns UK Tour

Project Manager - Tour of artists' film to UK-wide venues, including live performances

The former coal mining communities in North East England form the subject of this elegant artists’ film by American artist Bill Morrison. Their story is told entirely without words, yet the film is far from silent: it features a remarkable original score by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Focusing on the Durham coalfield, yet portraying a story of universal themes, The Miners’ Hymns depicts the hardship of pit work, increasing mechanisation, the role of trade unions in organising and fighting for workers’ rights, and the renowned annual Durham Miners’ Gala.

More than 12,600 people engaged with the tour during 2013-14, across 36 regional screenings tailored to the local audience, 3 live performances, and a programme of participatory events with Beamish in County Durham.

The Miners’ Hymns was produced by Forma and was an original commission for BRASS Durham International Festival 2010. The UK Tour was supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme.

Image from 40 Years On, produced by the National Coal Board, 1978, courtesy of the BFI