I’m delighted to be able share the ten beastly films that I curated and produced for Animate Projects for Channel 4’s Random Acts series: they are now all up online for all to see. These Secret Monsters are a diverse array of films from a fantastic selection of contemporary artists working with animation.

During the production period NDN, a Japanese TV news agency, made a documentary about ‘rising star’ Atsushi Wada. As it was focusing on the creation of his hand drawn Secret Monsters film, Anomalies, they even sent a small crew to interview me about the project. Exciting to think that art lovers in Japan might get to hear about Animate’s work.

I’ll be at Bradford Animation Festival on Thursday 14 November presenting a screening of the Secret Monsters films, plus the apocalyptic delights that I curated and produced last year on the theme of 2012 and the prophesied apocalypse that failed to materialise. I’ll be discussing ideas, processes, challenges, inspirations and monstrosities with three of this year’s artists post-screening. My fellow panelists are: Elizabeth Hobbs who made Imperial Provisor Frombald, Mandy McIntosh who made The Thunderbird’s Ballad, and Sean Vicary who made Re-Tolled.